Адрес райисполкома:
213640, Могилевская область, г. Костюковичи, ул. Ленинская, 93

Телефон приемной:

E-mail: kostpriem@tut.by

Костюковичский районный исполнительный комитет
Main Economy Companies


The region’s industrial sector is presented by five companies: Belarusian Cement Works, Kostyukovichi Forestry, a subsidiary of the Mogilevkhlebprom Company, Kostyukovichi Bakery, Kostyukovichi Distillery, Bytuslugi.

Belarusian Cement Works, the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus

Address: Kostyukovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213640, Republic of Belarus

The company produces: cement, lime, chalk.

Director General – Vladimir Kiselyov
Phone (+375 -2245) 58002, fax (+375-2245) 58 003

Chief engineer – Igor Lozhechnikov
Phone/fax (+375 -2245) 58006

Deputy Director General for Commercial Issues – Viktor Ostrovsky
Phone (+375-2245) 58001
Sales and management department
phone/fax (+375 -2245) 58 042, 58 041, 58 043
Contract department
phone (+375-2245) 58 026
Department of foreign economic relations
phone (+375  -2245) 58 039, 58 038


e-mail: bcz@tut.
Website:  belcement.by

The Belarusian Cement Works is a GDP-forming company, with a 1340-strong staff. The company produces 1.15 million tons of cement and 100,000 tons of lime annually. The Belarusian Cement Works is one of the largest companies in the system of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction in terms of overall production. The company is included in the єєє section of the state list of the dominating market participants of the Republic of Belarus in the Cement position. The company produces the following types of cement: ПЦ550-ДО; ПЦ500-ДО;ПЦ –Д20; ПЦ-400-Д20; ЕН 197 -1-СЕМ152,5R; СЕМ є 42.5N; СЕМ єєА-S42.5N.

The company’s major goal today is to construct the second technological line for cement dry production and a coal-preparing section for converting the existing technological line to run on coal. When the line which comes on stream in 2011, the company will increase annual cement production by 1.8 million tons.

Mogilevkhlebprom Branch
Kostyukovichi Bakery

Address: 41, Kolkhoznaya street  Kostyukovichi,  Mogilev oblast, 213640 
Phone: 8 (02245) 23350, 23053, 55606

Director – Oleg Chuvakov
Phone/Fax:  (802245) 23350

Chief Accountant – Lydia Marjeva

Phone: (802245) 55 606

e-mail: Kost_hleb@tut.by

Kostyiukovichi Bakery employs 84 professionals. The bakery produces 29.8 tonnes of baked goods and 20 tonnes of confectionery products a year. Apart from the baked goods, Kostyukovichi Bakery produces soft drinks and juice. The product line features more than 70 types of baked goods, 77 types of confectionery, 6 – soft drinks and 2 types of juice. 

Bellesbumprom Concern
Kostyukovichi Logging Company

Address: 11-a, Bakhareva street, Kostiukovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213640

Director – Mikhail Filipenya

Phone:  (802245) 23258
Phone/Fax: (802245) 23253

Acting chief accountant – Valentina Pavliuchenko

Phone: (802245) 23254
e-mail: lespromkost@mail.ru

The Kostyukovichi Logging Company employs 156 professionals. The company specializes in lumbering. It supplies timber to the companies of the Bellesbumprom Concern and other customers. The Kostyukovichi Logging Company does not have its own raw material resources base. It purchases timber at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange.

Types of products: round timber, fuel wood.

Belgospischeprom Concern 
Klimovichi Distillery

Address: 1, Zavodskaya street, Kostyukovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213640

Director – Nikolai Artiukhov

Phone: (802245) 23040
Phone/Fax: (802245) 23097


Chief Accountant – Lubov Stepanenko

Phone: (802245) 55 789

e-mail: Kost.Spirt@mail.ru

Klimovichi Distillery employs 116 people, the production capacity is 2,000 liters of rectified spirit a day.

The major product of the Kostyukovichi distillery is rectified spirit made from various types of grain and other sugar-containing and starch-containing food raw material.

The rectified spirit (96.4% strong) is used in production of liqueurs. The company works at full capacity.

Kostyukovichi public utility enterprise Bytuslugi, subsidiary of Mogilevoblbyt public agency

Address: 22 Leninskaya Street, Kostyukovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213640, Republic of Belarus

Director: Sergei Vinnikov; phone: 8 (02245) 23042

Office: phone/fax: 8 (02245) 23042
Chief secretary: Valentina Babkova
Phone: 8 (02245) 55056
The company employs 61 people.

Major products: garments

The company provides 16 types of consumer services:

Custom tailoring
Hosiery  repair
Clothes repair
Photo services
Shoe repair
Watches repair
Furniture manufacture
Furniture repair
Funeral services
Home appliances repair
Leasing services
TV and radio sets repair
Cultivation of household plots